Interiors By Elise

IMG_9821One of the great benefits that Carina offers is free interior design on your new home. Elise Haney of Interiors by Elise works with you throughout the process to design the home based on your tastes, needs and budget.

Color Consulting  Elise helps you choose colors that will give your home the feel you want.  A bedroom that relaxes, a kitchen that energizes; let your home embrace you in warmth!

Home Staging Elise will help pull together the elements in your home and add new details to create a beautiful, welcoming space that reflects who you are.

Space Planning When building or renovating, Elise will help plan and design your dream kitchen, bathroom, bedroom retreat or family area into a creative, beautiful and functional space.

Contact Elise and set up your personal consultation.

You can also hire Elise if you’re not building but want interior design services. Rates start at just $40 for 1 hour.