Couple with map in a meadowHow do I get started?

We have many people contact us at various stages of the building process. As you consider the benefits of building a new green modular home, consider setting up a no-obligation meeting with us to go over pricing and our build process. You can get started by reviewing all the information we provide on this website, check out some of the floor plans as a guide and also visit our modular factory partners websites and floor plans. A good idea to learn more about the modular construction process is to tour the factory in person to see a home being built.

2021: Our per square foot pricing is between $160 – $180 – depending on size/style. 2 story homes have the benefit of ‘economy of scale’ where it’s cheaper to go up than to go wider (ranch). 

What’s included in the Turnkey Pricing?

Please refer to the Spec Sheet

What is the warranty offered with a Carina home?

NYS  Building code warranties all new construction from 1 year from when the Certificate of Occupancy is obtained from the Municipality. Foundations have a 10-year warranty: http://www.lawserver.com/law/state/new-york/ny-laws/ny_general_business_law_777-a

Can I get hardwood floors and tile instead of carpet and vinyl?

Every home we build is customized to your individual tastes/style. You tell us what flooring you want for each room. Pricing will depend on the type of flooring you select.

Can I finance the purchase of the lot?

Local lenders have construction loans which may allow the purchase of the land as the first ‘draw’ on the loan. This makes the process easier if you need to leverage the purchase of land with the house. Contact us for our list of local lenders that we have worked with and will provide excellent loan products for construction of new homes.

Is a basement included in the turnkey price and what kind of basement can I have – block, poured?

All our prices include a full unfinished basement. We typically use Superior Walls (www. superiorwalls.com) which is a type of insulated, pre-cast concrete foundation. We can also work with block, ICP, cast in place, or any other foundation you are considering. Again, this is a customized decision that we would work together to determine what foundation is best for your use/needs.

What about geothermal and solar?

We have done many geothermal installations since 2003. With the tax-credits available federally, the cost of geothermal becomes much more reasonable and provides a quicker return on your investment. More and more clients are also adding solar, sometimes with the construction but more likely after they move in. We can prepare the house for future installation of solar (and geothermal) for those planning on investing in these technologies in the future. See our Go Green page and Testimonials Page to read more about how our clients have benefitted in the cost-savings of going geothermal.

Do I pay more if I make plan changes?

No! Your price only changes if you change the amount of material provided. We encourage you to design your home with us.